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Welcome to the Fairport Central School District’s Capital Projects website. Current projects will have updates posted as they become available. If you have any questions, please email us a question below.


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Fairport Forward: Foundations for the Future

2019 Fairport Capital Project

The Fairport Central School District has been studying its facilities for more than two years with a variety of stakeholders who have shared their experiences and expectations for our school community. The District’s long-term strategic initiatives, finalized in spring 2018, paved the path for the District to explore future capital projects….

The Future of Fairport Central School District!
The best opportunities start by meeting the needs of the modern student. After analyzing over 3,000 community responses, we believe that the path is set for Fairport’s future.

Fairport Forward: Investing in the Future
We want to give our community the best opportunity to thrive and that starts right here with our students. We spoke with the Fairport school community to find out why #FairportForward is important to them.

A Plan for Success
Find out HOW we’re redesigning our schools to be a place where students thrive. #FairportForward

Vote on December 10th
It’s almost time to vote! Find out about the dollars and cents behind the strategic plan for #FairportForward.

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